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Buying lottery tickets in pools increases your odds!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online & Play In Large Lottery Pools. Maximize your chances of winning the lottery. Monitor your colleagues, friends, or family's pools and tickets. Social Lotto Pool does all the work of organizing and crediting pool members. See every scanned ticket and join pools that you feel good about. It's free to join.

The Advantage


Tickets Sold


Winnings Processed


Lottery Pools


Social Lotto Pool Advantage




Mega Millions


Cash 4 Life

The above metric shows the advantage of playing in pools.
Example: If The overall odds of winning any prize is 1:40 and the overall odds of winning any prize at Social Lotto Pool is 1:20 then the Social Lotto Pool advantage is 2x
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How it works.

Create or join a group to pool tickets and increase your odds of winning. If anyone in the group wins, you all share the prize!
*Prizes are shared based on ownership equity in the pool The more tickets you play the larger your share


Choose from membership plans. Order tickets for the next big jackpot or choose the monthly renewal option to automatically play in every drawing.

Pick Your Game

Use to choose your own numbers and play in any of the Official Virginia lottery drawings. Residency not required

Play in Lotto Pools

As a free service to our members, we get your tickets from the store and hold them in our secure storage facility. Easily manage winnings in your online account.

What is it?

Social Lotto Pool aggregates lottery tickets together to increase the odds of winning the lottery jackpot. Pool winnings are based on the number of tickets entered by each member. The more tickets a member enters the more equity they have in the pool and the more winnings they receive while increasing the overall odds of the pool

Who is it for?

Social Lotto Pool is for those that would like to maximize their chances of winning the jackpot lottery a realist way. For those that would rather see many happy millionaires, rather than one mega millionaire. If you honestly know that winning the jackpot is very unlikely, but still have hope, then yeah its for you.

Why use it?

Social Lotto Pool is a safe and secure way of pooling lottery tickets together at a large level. All physical lottery tickets are scanned, uploaded to the website, and emailed for any time auditing and history. Winners of large prizes are asked to fill out the IRS Tax Form 5754 - Part II. Paypal secure keeps transactions safe, secure, and dispute free.

We are Social Lotto Pool

Here at Social Lotto Pool we are a Northern Virginia based business helping connect people to win the lottery

Local Business

We are a local based business, based out of Northern Virginia, but welcome & accepting nation-wide.


We have sold thousands of tickets to many satisfied members.

Open Books

We believe the tickets and pools should be open for everyone to view.

Let's Win Together.

- Eric Bowler ~ SocialLottoPool -

Eric Bowler

Founder, Ticket Manager, Software Architect

April Bowler

Assistant Designer, Ticket Manager

Aaron Carpenter

Marketing, Business Development

Lauren Macchiavello

UX Engineer, Assistant (Best Assistant)

The Tickets

We do things completely different.
We post all our tickets online for the community to see them. Social and open is how we like it.

Safe and Secure. Secure SSL Connections.

Safe and Secure

Social Lotto Pool is 100% safe and secure with a 256-BIT SSL Encryption
Online Payment Solution

Latest News

Read our latest blogs and stay up-to-date with the latest news.
Focused on helping our members win, we stay on top of the latest news and post regular blog posts.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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You have questions? We have the answers.

You Have Questions? We have Answers.

Social Lotto Pool is the largest online social lottery pool. Our mission is to increase members’ odds of winning the lottery jackpot. Social Lotto Pool members use credits to buy official lottery tickets and enter them in large pools, thus maximizing their chances of winning the jackpot with less financial commitment.
Social Lotto Pool buys official lottery tickets, from an authorized Vriginia retailer, on our client’s behalf and aggregates them into large pools. Simply place your order online using your credit card and we go to the retailer for you. We securely store your tickets and collect the winnings on your behalf. Our automated software pays out each member their share based on the total winnings from the pool. A pool member’s share is based on the number of tickets they contributed to the pool in comparison to the total number of tickets in that pool. Winnings are credited to your account the day after the drawing and available to you immediately. You are the legal owner of the ticket at all times- we simply act as your representative.
Yes. We abide by local State and Federal lottery commission regulations. We are not engaged in the business of betting or wagering, and members of Social Lotto Pool do not participate in unlawful Internet gambling. We follow all city, state and federal business registration and tax requirements. Social Lotto Pool is not directly or indirectly, affiliated with any state lottery. We do not "sell" lottery tickets nor do we receive any commissions from a lottery organization for rendering this service. In compliance with the state lottery we do not charge the consumer more or less than the cost of each lottery ticket.
Social Lotto Pool is based in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington DC. Our ticket managers are lottery enthusiast whose goal is to make it more convenient for consumers to play their state lottery. We have many years of software and web development group, customer service department and management team who have been in the consumer services industry for years.
We do not charge more than the cost of the ticket at the store. Our long term goal is to merge with the Virgina State Lottery. Until then our focus is 100% on our customers and our passion for the lottery.

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