At Social Lotto Pool, we feel its our responsible to be a good corporate citizen and bring awareness to our users about lottery scams. Its important to be careful of whom you trust with your money both on and off the internet.
Here is what you should be aware of:
  • Do NOT send money via Western Union or Moneygram.
  • Do NOT cash checks sent claiming that you won the lottery.
  • Lottery scammers often prey on the elderly.
  • Lottery scammers will often pose as lawyers, custom officials, or lottery officials.
  • The lottery does not contact you to inform you that you won. It is your responsibility to check your tickets and collect your prize. If you are contacted via phone, mail or e-mail with claiming that you have won a lottery prize — disregard it.
  • You do not have to pre-pay for prizes. All taxes and fees on winning prizes are deducted from the prize. If you win a lottery prize — do not pay anything to collect it.
  • If you are approached and asked to purchase a lottery ticket with a winning prize, do not purchase it. There are many fake lottery tickets available including both drawing and scratch tickets. Often times, the scammer claims that he or she cannot claim the prize due to their immigration status. Many states do not have laws to disallow undocumented peoples to claim a lottery prize.
  • Delete or mark as spam any email with a suspicious subject line referencing lottery winnings. If you did not enter the lottery — you cannot win it.
  • One of the many ways scammers trick their victims is to create a false bank web site. They provide a username and password to the victim to log in and see "money" that is not actually there. The scammer will provide a bank account and routing number to the victim and tell them that a large cash deposit must be made for their funds to be released. Once the deposit is made the scammer will withdraw the money and close the bank account. Often times, the scammer will make up an excuse as to why the money was not released and instruct the victim to deposit more funds.